In the Bavarian community of Weyarn, there was a lack of affordable housing for young families. As part of the overall plan of Klosteranger, a total of 45 terraced and semi-detached houses have been constructed. The site of the new homes is located on the western edge of Klosteranger and consolidates an existing residential development to form a whole new one.

A central development axis in north-south direction is the play street, which allows neighbors to get together. The houses are grouped into clusters, creating enclosed residential courtyards in between them. The stationary traffic is accommodated in carports or in a covered parking area, similar to a barn, where events can also be held on special occasions.

The house designs are very compact and efficient. Nonetheless, each house type offers generous two-story spatial experiences. The combination of these types creates an intriguing sculptural form. In addition to a terrace, each house has a private outdoor space, such as a loggia or rooftop terrace. This provides the homes with an extra measure of privacy and quality of life. The design intentionally avoids large private backyards and expansive sites, as all residents share the spacious Klosteranger garden.

The houses are cost-effectively built using a balanced combination of solid and lightweight construction.

The family living project is an integral part of the entire Klosteranger  project and was brought to life alongside the Multi-generational houses and the Weyarn supermarket.

  • Client/Owner: Quest Immobilien AG
  • Lanscape Architect: Uwe Schmidt Planungsbüro für Orts- und Landschaftsplanung
  • Structural Engineer: Guggenbichler + Wagenstaller
  • Climate Consultant: Transsolar
  • Electrical Engineer: Wastl Ingenieure
  • Fire Safety Consultant: Brandschutzconsulting Rainer Sonntag
  • Building physicist: PMI Ingenieure
  • Photos: Meike Hansen Archimage, Beech Studios (Städtebautag), Peter Weber Alpsolutions (Modellfoto Schreiner)
  • Awards: Architektouren 2019, Auswahl Jubiläumsausgabe 10 Jahre Architektouren 2020
  • Project number LBGO: 117
  • Team LBGO: Lukas Ebert, Mikus Sils, Jonas Fleischmann, Nejra Prasovic, Anne-Sophie Maria, Sam Leder, Iva Dikova, Ana Catarina Vilar, Jorge Sánchez Rubio, Andy Lee, Daria Przybyłowska, Judith Lennartz