The supermarket is an indispensable component of the overall development at Klosteranger Weyarn, a prized unencumbered expanse within a historical environment that boasts exceptional rural quality (link to project) A typical supermarket with a sheet metal exterior would have engendered a significant clash with the surrounding built environment and natural landscape. This potential conflict has been resolved in a natural fashion: The meadow extends as a green expanse over the roof of the new supermarket, which henceforth provides a southern-facing green periphery to the meadow by employing the principle of ‘less construction / more landscape’. Serving as a sunbathing area in the summer and a sledding slope in the winter. All the functional spaces, such as storage and delivery areas, are concealed within the embankment. The column-free interior of the supermarket is covered by a lightweight wooden construction. The bright day-lit and translucent glass front, which serves as a thermal barrier, is set back in proportion to the roofline, and the expansive roof overhangs shield the interior areas from excessive heat while reinforcing the indoor/outdoor nature of this space. Customers enter the supermarket via a welcoming and engaging entrance zone. It incorporates a bakery shop that seamlessly transitions into a café on a sunny south-facing terrace. From this vantage point, guests are treated to stunning views of the Weyarn Monastery and the Alps.

The supermarket exemplifies innovative methods of harmoniously incorporating a large-scale building into the small-scale fabric of a village environment. The supermarket  is part of the overall Klosteranger project and was developed alongside the Family Living and Multi-Generational Houses projects.

  • Size: 1.900 m²
  • Client/Owner: Quest Immobilien AG
  • User: Edeka Südbayern GmbH
  • Lanscape Architect: Uwe Schmidt - Büro für Orts- und Landschaftsplanung
  • Structural Engineer: Guggenbichler & Wagenstaller
  • Climate Consultant: Transsolar
  • Electrical Engineer: Wurm GmbH
  • Electrical Engineer: Wurm GmbH
  • Fire Safety Consultant: Brandschutz Consulting Rainer Sonntag
  • Building physicist: PMI Ingenieure
  • Photos: Jonathan Sage
  • Current Status: fertiggestellt
  • Project Phases: LPH 1-8 HOAI
  • Awards: Nominierung Rosenheimer Holzbaupreis 2020
  • Planning: 2014-2018
  • Construction Method: Holzbau
  • Project number LBGO: 116
  • Team LBGO: Lukas Ebert (Projektleitung), Nejra Prasovic, Georgios Chatzikomnou, Amlis Borsch, Anne-Sophie Maria
  • Fotografie: Jonathan Sage