Bad Heilbrunn is creating a new entrance to the town: a brand new supermarket will soon dominate the townscape to the south. That said, the new supermarket will be carefully integrated into the scenic backdrop of alpine mountains, a rural landscape and natural surroundings. A lightweight wooden roof, visible from afar, is to present a welcoming gesture to all customers. It will span a lively marketplace consisting of counters and shelves brimming with fresh produce, fruit and vegetables and freshly baked goods. The expansive glass design allows ample natural light and exciting views into the interior from all angles, thereby transforming shoppers into integral components of the spatial arrangement and enhancing their overall shopping experience. The topography of the site is used ingeniously, enabling the market to be experienced from the surrounding area from its slightly elevated position in the landscape, enhancing the view and overall spatial structuring. At the same time, parked cars are subtly concealed behind an embankment, preventing them from overshadowing the overall ambiance of the site. From the interior, the view reaches out to nature and serves as a captivating backdrop to enhance the shopping experience. The shape of the roof, resembling a series of irregular gables, evokes the look and feel of rural architecture. At the same time, a dialog is established with the dynamic forms of the surrounding mountains. The green roof lends a natural aesthetic when viewed from above, seamlessly integrating into the mountainous surroundings and transforming the roof into a fifth facade.

  • Client/Owner: Edeka Südbayern GmbH
  • Lanscape Architect: Uwe Schmidt - Büro für Orts- und Landschaftsplanung
  • Climate Consultant: Transsolar
  • Visualisierungen: moka-studio
  • Current Status: Investorenwettbewerb, Finalist
  • Planning: 2017
  • Project number LBGO: 160
  • Team LBGO: Martina Siciliano, Amlis Botsch, Sam Leder, Florian Waller, Lukas Ebert
  • Visualisierung : Moka Studio