Excerpt from the award report:

“The pathway within the spatial sculpture serves as both a continuous guiding thread and system, navigating visitors and employees alike through the exhibition. From the pathway, walls emerge to define the boundaries of office and functional spaces. These walls consistently remain at a distinct distance to the existing walls. Consequently, the design manifests as a significant sculptural presence within the space, oriented toward the existing building but never encroaching upon the integrity of the distinguished old structure, thus preserving its historical significance and spatial autonomy.

  • Size: 400m²
  • Client/Owner: PFAFF-Areal-Entwicklungsgesellschaft
  • Current Status: Wettbewerb, 2.Preis
  • Planning: 2017
  • Project number LBGO: 210
  • Team LBGO: Paulina Frankowska, Anne-Sophie Maria