The huge dairy building has dominated the townscape for decades. The building’s significant scale – completely exceeding the proportions of the village – along with its star-shaped layout, has solidified its status as an unmistakable village landmark. A vibrant place for a community of young and old is now being created at this site. Thoughtfully designed footpath connections link old and new parts of the village.

A new two-story L-shaped building is located on the south and west sides of the site. In conjunction with the partially retained elongated existing buildings, the complex embodies a traditional farmstead design reminiscent of the traditional three-sided model. All the apartment entrances are located along a walkway. Two passageways incorporated in the building establish connections to the external environment: leading westward toward the village center. Facing south to the community garden. The apartment floor plans are organized according to the specifications of the municipal housing development program. The use of modular repetition and a compact design results in exceptional cost-effectiveness.

  • Client/Owner: Gemeinde Ampfing
  • Lanscape Architect: Uwe Schmidt
  • Climate Consultant: Climateflux
  • Project Phases: Wettbewerb 2020, 2. Preis
  • Project number LBGO: 300