The district office is being constructed in a prominent location at the northern periphery of Miesbach town center. The new build aims to provide both guidance and orientation in functional and urban planning terms. When approaching from the north, the new district office serves as a gateway to the town, providing an opportunity to create a welcoming urban landmark.

Engaging in dialog with the historic building fabric is the cornerstone of this urban development concept. The new buildings are arranged around magnificent trees, embracing them and creating a public garden space. With the structures shielding it from the urban bustle and traffic noise. Further, the garden acts as a central outdoor space, linking all the buildings and functions, thereby evolving into a green atrium.
The new builds will be divided into two building structures – similar to the existing ones. The western building runs parallel to the street, acting as a protective barrier for the aforesaid garden. The prominent gables, visible from both the north and the south, firmly anchor it within the urban landscape, serving as the face of the town.

The horizontal design of the new buildings imparts a sense of lightness to their external aesthetics and is in stark contrast to the heavier, more solid appearance of the historic buildings. Expansive glass panels guarantee well-lit interiors and provide excellent views of the surroundings.
The division into two buildings establishes a spatial separation that not only defines a distinct entrance area but also facilitates a public thoroughfare. The linking structure forms a spacious entryway while maintaining a sense of privacy.

  • Client/Owner: Landkreis Miesbach
  • Lanscape Architect: Bauchplan ).(
  • Structural Engineer: Knippers Helbig
  • Climate Consultant: Transsolar
  • Current Status: Wettbewerb 2018, Anerkennung
  • Project number LBGO: 237
  • Team LBGO: David Selje, Kacper Radny, Daria Przybyłowska, Jorge Sánchez Rubio