The town of Schramberg is developing a new school campus, complete with a day-care center, as an integral component of a broader urban redevelopment project. The partially steep site is thoughtfully terraced, demarcating distinct areas with unique characteristics. The result is a nuanced landscape featuring steps, ramps and walls that link diverse levels while defining entrance points to various areas of the school. The school building, gymnasium, day-care center and assembly hall will all be connected by a continuous open space that is accessible to the everyone. The comb-shaped building creates sheltered outdoor spaces and self-explanatory entrance situations.

The opinion of the jury:

“Its distinctive architectural identity makes this project invigorating.” 

  • Size: 13.000m²
  • Client/Owner: Stadt Schramberg
  • Lanscape Architect: Andreas Peyker
  • Climate Consultant: climate flux, Daniele Santucci
  • Fire Safety Consultant: brandschutz consulting, Rainer Sonntag
  • Current Status: Wettbewerb, Anerkennung
  • Planning: 2020
  • Project number LBGO: 293
  • Team LBGO: Adrian Stadler, Yang Yang Zhang, Wolfram Meiner, Jana Schelke