The town of Waldkraiburg is planning to construct a new build of a contemporary town hall while redesigning its surroundings and urbanizing the existing site. The objective is to enhance the appeal and overall quality of place of the town center, to establish a prominent focal point and to inject more ‘life’ into the heart of the Waldkraiburg.

The new build of the town hall is situated in the shape of a slender structure to the south of the existing building, which will remain in use until the project is completed. The new location has the potential to enhance multiple urban spatial situations simultaneously. The town square is redefined to the north, making the well-proportioned edges of the square more visible. Activating the necessary public space is achieved by rendering the first floor publicly accessible at this point. Inviting gestures, well-proportioned facade designs and intersections of the building structure ensure a human-scale approach while taking the necessary structural dimensions into account. Due to its position on the town square, the new build seamlessly integrates into the diverse architectural landscape of its surroundings. The proposed concept of a green facade not only enhances the look and feel of the building but also fosters a harmonious relationship with its local environment, potentially ‘rubbing off’ on it.

  • Size: 4.500m²
  • Client/Owner: Stadt Waldkraiburg
  • Lanscape Architect: Uwe Schmidt
  • Current Status: Wettbewerb, Annerkennung
  • Planning: 2021
  • Project number LBGO: 342
  • Team LBGO: Braden Young, Anna Urbaniak, Benjamin Stalb, René Kusnawijaya, Jorge Figueroa Pérez, Jessica Pörsch