A seven-group day-care center has been constructed on a hillside plot on the outskirts of Birkenhardt, offering great views of adjacent fields and the natural surroundings. The building envelopes a spacious courtyard. This design provides shelter from the wind and sun, thereby optimizing the outdoor spaces for young children. All the group rooms face south-west, creating a spacious communal area and a wonderful hub for interaction. Plants are strategically employed to separate spaces, providing secluded areas exclusively for the youngest children. The structural design includes provisions for a potential future extension on top of the day-care center. The building is highly flexible, enabling it to be split into smaller functional units in the future. Building services and the provision of services were carefully coordinated to accommodate potential changes, including the addition of an extra entrance area. The heart of the building is considered to be the central entrance area. This design facilitates direct views of the inner courtyard and is naturally illuminated through well-placed skylights. Expansive sliding elements link the foyer area with both the multi-purpose space and the dining room. This results in an extensive, interconnected space for informal celebrations and seasonal events.

  • Size: 1.800m²
  • Client/Owner: Gemeinde Warthausen
  • User: Gemeinde Warthausen und Stadt Biberach
  • Project Management: FIDES
  • Lanscape Architect: Kots Landschaftsarchitektur
  • Structural Engineer: IB Mader
  • Climate Consultant: Transsolar, München
  • Electrical Engineer: IB Spleis
  • Electrical Engineer: IB Puscher
  • Fire Safety Consultant: Brandschutz Consulting Rainer Sonntag
  • Construction Supervisor: Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten mit Jens Rannow
  • Visualisierungen: Z-A-R
  • Current Status: fertiggestellt
  • Project Phases: LPH 1 - 9
  • Planning: VGV 1.Platz, Planung 2019 - 2021
  • Project number LBGO: 263
  • Team LBGO: David Selje, Belinda Bader, Jorge Figueroa Pérez