Penthouse + Studio in Downtown Manhattan
typology: live/ work/ re-use
size: 4.400ft² (410m²)
status: in progress

Penthouse + Studio in Downtown Manhattan

On the 5th floor of a landmark building just South of Houston str on Broadway Ave we are combining two units to create a work live space for a painter and an art historian. The 4400sqft are divided into 2 main spaces, living and painting. The perimiter of the living is lined in bookshelves and filled with an extensive collection of books, while the outer walls of the patining studio are left blank and white to be use to hang paintings in progress as well as displayed the final results. Inside each of the two spaces all functions are reduced to two large pre-fabricated furniture like boxes, which hold the kitchen, baths, sleeping areas, and living. This allows the light for window from either end of the space to reach all the way through the space, while carefully dividing private and public functions. The result is the feeling of large open spaces on being divided by furniture.