Trillium Studio
Photography Studio
typology: work / living
size : 3000ft²
client: Cary Wolinsky
status: complete
awards: SIPA Building Excellence Award 2006

Studio in the Woods

After 30 years of shooting field photography for National Geographic Cary Wolinsky commissioned Wyly Brown to design a photography studio beside his residence in the heavily wooded town of Norwell. In order to clear the site to build the Studio several large century old trees needed to be removed. Two of these trees, large 60ft tall red oak trees, combined with two engineered Glue-lam elements became the primary structural elements allowing for the studio to consist of a single 40ft two-story high open space. The tree trunks, left in their natural form, stand like sculptural Sentinels beside the 18 ft wide 15ft high cyclorama-wall, a surface that curves from floor to wall that is essential for studio photography.