Urban intervention
typology: public / infrastructure
size: 9.000m² plaza
status: competition

Rainforest on an urban carpet

Plaza Arboles in Don Benito, Spain, a so-called “Urban Carpet” provide opportunities for planned or spontaneous public events through a series of simple architectural transformations. In three interconnected levels (Street Level, Plaza level, and Cloud Level) this multipurpose open space can be used comfortably in a variety of functions that can change during the day or following the change of the seasons Upon the “Urban Carpet” three Megatrees are planted providing a Cloud Level, while also bringing shade, energy, and a distinctly recognizable landmark to the plaza. These large scale organically shaped constructions will be covered on the underside with hanging plants and flowers creating a sense of being in a lush forest in the city center. These trees will collect water from condensation at night as well as rain water which will be used to self-irrigate as well as cool the plaza below. In addition photovoltaic and wind energy will be collected and used to reduce the energy needs of lighting the plaza and historic church at night.