foundation: 01.01.2014
founders: 3
members: 24
Location Germany: Lindwurmstraße 11, Munich
Location USA: The Distillery 516 East Second Street, Boston MA

Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten (lbgo) ist ein Architekturbüro, das 2014 von Andreas Leupold, Wyly Brown und Christian Goldbach gegründet wurde. Mit praktischen und innovativen Ansätzen wollen wir zur Verbesserung der persönlichen Lebensräume beitragen. Unsere Arbeitsweise ist dabei geprägt vom Dialog mit Auftraggebern, Ingenieuren, Ausführenden und anderen Spezialisten. Wir versuchen komplexe Zusammenhänge in einfache, intelligente und nachhaltige Lösungen umzuwandeln.



Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten (lbgo) is an architectural office founded in 2014 by Andreas Leupold, Wyly Brown, and Christian Goldbach. At lbgo architekten we work to improve the built world around us by developing practical yet innovative architectural solutions. Our design process is founded on extensive analysis and exploration of the given conditions for any project. We develop the look, feel, and spacial experience of our designs through an in-depth investigation of the existing context, desired function, and potential long-term environmental impacts, rather than by aligning ourselves to particular aesthetic styles. We work on all scales, ranging from urban planning, interior design, single- and multi-unit houses, commercial spaces, and even furniture. For each design we work closely with our clients as well as engineers, builders and other experts. Our goal is to reduce complex conditions into simple and intelligent solutions.